- Description: Rwanda subsidiary of the US NGO World Vision, which intervenes in a broad perimeter in rural communities in Rwanda, from support to farmers to the reduction of children malnutrition
- Specificity: Denition of programs based on proven successful models, such as Village Saving and Loan Association, Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration, Climate Smart Agriculture and NSA
- Impact: $30M+ invested in the program over the next 5 years



Production optimization
> Access to better inputs
> Post-harvest support and help to production storage
> Additional services through e-Hinga, an application providing assistance in crop and livestock from production to stock management

Income Increase
> Development of the local value chain through improved market access
> Training of young people
> Implementation of loan, saving, and micro-finance associations
> Trade facilitation

Natural resource management
Implementation of agroforestry and tree plantation practices
> Better water management through crop staging
> Distribution of energy-saving stoves, biogas promotion

Improvement of nutrition practices
Support to the 1000 days campaign, to promote good nutrition practices from mother to child
> Promotion of children malnutrition reduction methods through the PD/Hearth program



220 000 small farmers in 17 out of 30



$ 4 M invested
+ $ 30 M to be invested over
the next 5 years



Agricultural productivity
Soil fertility increase
Access to better inputs and fertilizers
Ownership contract enforcement
Access to livestock for milk production, manure production

Climate change
Farmer Managed Natural regeneration practices
Tree plantation planning and maintenance
Energy-saving stoves and biogas promotion

Sustainable dev. goals
Poverty alleviation
Food security
Decent work for all



Extension of the program to 2 million people living n rural and semi-rural areas
Implementation of a 2016-2020 strategy to build more resistant and sustainable lifestyles:
- End-to-end agricultural production systems
- Alert and emergency systems
- Natural resource management systems