Three Events

The three main AAA events are:
- The international scientific symposium, which laid the scientific foundation for the initiative;
- The high meeting on the AAA initiative that brought, the 29th and 30th of september, all the stakeholders of the initiative;
- COP22, United Nations Conference on Climate Change: discover the AAA Conferences Agenda

COP22 Exhibition

Find out more about the AAA initiative during COP22 at the exhibition space “Green Zone”, innovation’s tent number 2, Stands 401/403, from November 7 to 18, in Marrakesh (Morocco).

The main entrance to the site being on the Mehdi Ben Barka avenue.

COP22 will enable the concrete implementation of the commitments formulated in the Paris Agreement – which has marked a historic milestone – while it will also bring into focus the specific issues faced by developing countries, with priority to Africa. COP22 will be the “COP of Action” and the “COP of Africa.” The AAA initiative aims to place the question of Adapting African Agriculture at the forefront of COP22’s priorities and discussions. The AAA platform will offer COP22 participants an immersive experience both to facilitate the sharing of crucial issues related to Adapting African Agriculture to Climate Change, and to help discover a collection of innovative solutions in line with AAA.


> Discover the AAA CONFERENCES AGENDA during COP22



While COP21 in Paris was about making decisions, we must ensure that COP22 in Marrakesh is about finding solutions
Seyni Nafo, Spokesperson of the African Group of Negotiators at the UNFCCC
High Meeting on the AAA Initiative
International scientific symposium